Want to study in the US but can’t decide where? Look no further! In just one go, EC Higher Education lets you choose a university in the US! For one, it is partners with not just one, but five schools in the US.

EC Higher Education is a global institution that assists international students in accessing higher education in the US. Its partners are visible across different US locations, such as Chicago, New York, Connecticut, Washington and Silicon Valley.

So which schools are we talking about?

DePaul University (Chicago, Illinois)

DePaul is the largest Catholic university in the US and is part of the top 200 schools in the US. It is a huge university, 7% of which are international students. But the best part? Public transportation in Chicago is FREE for all DePaul University students! It also offers big scholarships for its undergraduate and graduate programs!

Strong programs: business, computer science, cyber security, theater arts, film and television

University of Hartford (Hartford, Connecticut)

Also part of the top 200 US schools, University of Hartford is ideal for those students who wish to be surrounded by trees and open spaces. Scholarships are also available at the University of Hartford!

Strong programs: insurance and finance, engineering, business, arts, architecture, pre-program for law and medicine, health sciences

SUNY Fredonia (Fredonia, New York)

Now, if you’re looking for affordable tuition, choose SUNY Fredonia. While located at a small quiet town, it is linked to 64 other New York State campuses. This will make it easier for you to transfer across schools and courses. You could even finish an engineering degree in Columbia University! Scholarships are available for its undergraduate programs.

Strong programs: business, science, performing arts

Pacific Lutheran University (Tacoma, Washington)

Pacific Lutheran University is one of the most luxurious schools in Washington. For one, it resembles a resort! But if you want to finish your graduate program quickly, then choose PLU; graduate degrees may be completed in just a year! So what are you waiting for?

University of California Santa Cruz Silicon Valley Extension (Silicon Valley, California)

Part of the top 100 schools in the US, UCSC Silicon Valley Extension is designed for working professionals. This means that you will take your classes during the night, so you may take up internships during the day. But the best part? It is located at Silicon Valley, home of the world’s biggest companies! Finish your studies in just nine months and earn big during your OPT year!

Choose a university in the US!

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