You might have heard of co-op courses while planning to work and study in Canada. But what are co-op courses?

A “co-op” means cooperative education that combines classroom-based experience with practical work experience. In co-ops, schools credit work experience into your academics; plus, employers also pay for your work!

How is it different from internships? Students take Internships over the break, and these are not credited as part of academic work.

While co-ops usually run for more than one semester, an internship usually lasts for only one semester. Co-ops usually comprise 25 to 30 percent of the time spent in academic study.

Why co-op?

A co-op is an educational experience not generally offered in the Philippines, but is popular abroad for the following reasons:

  • The employer develops the work term, thus ensuring that you gain real and practical experience;
  • The co-op supports students’ learning goals;
  • The employer supervises and evaluates the work term;
  • Work and academic terms are full time.

Work as a co-op student in Canada

To be a co-op student, you must comply with these requirements:

  • You must have a valid study permit,
  • You have a letter from the school saying that the work placement is an essential part of your studies and academic program;
  • The duration of the co-op cannot be more than 50 percent of time spent in academic study;
  • You have a valid work permit.

Canada offers an amazing variety of courses with co-op! Check with us if the course you want to study has a co-op option.

Counselors for Immigration and International Studies has a broad network of partner schools in Canada, all offering co-op courses. E-mail your resume to to know more about your qualifications to study a co-op course.

To learn more about our Work and Study Abroad program, schedule an orientation here.

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