Filipinos can work and study in Canada easier and faster. All they have to do is avail of the Student Direct Stream (SDS).

Essentially, the SDS is a system to fast-track and lessen documentary requirements for study permit applications. In the Philippines, students can get their study permits as early as 30 days. Moreover, they can submit less documents on financial capacity.

The catch? Filipinos are required, instead, to submit or undertake the following:

  • Proof of a language test form showing a score of at least 6 for English (IELTS) or at least 7 for French (Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens),
  • A Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) of $10,000 CAD,
  • Tuition payment for the first year of study,
  • An upfront medical examination, and
  • Proof of acceptance to a publicly funded Canadian school.

A GIC is essentially proof that you have deposited a certain amount of money with a Canadian bank, which shows the student’s ability to support himself or herself.

Why the Student Direct Stream?

For those who have the option to invest funds in a Canadian bank, the SDS is a great way to speed up your application. Having doubts about depositing a large amount of funds in a foreign bank? Don’t worry – the policy is recognized by the Canadian government and is a legitimate way to streamline applications for study permits.

Those who can achieve a higher score on their IELTS also have an advantage here. While this may initially pose a challenge, it’s worth giving a try. Fortunately, Filipinos are more than fluent in English, thanks to an educational system that puts a premium on learning the language (and not to mention being under American rule for years).

How Filipinos can work and study in Canada easier, faster

Of course, the SDS is not a guaranteed way to get your study permit. But it makes the process more accessible. If you qualify, say goodbye to numerous documents to prove your financial capacity!

What’s more, the SDS actually complements Canada’s Express Entry system, which is the application process for skilled workers to immigrate to Canada. So if you have long-term plans for a Canadian residency, it’s better to apply to study through the SDS.

Work and study in Canada

Getting your student permit is a step closer to work and study in Canada. Counselors for Immigration and International Studies (CIS) offers Work and Study programs that not only give you an education, but helps you earn back your investments via part-time work opportunities.

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