When people think about studying in the US, most of them worry about a number of things: living costs, accommodation, and tuition fees.

But if you think you’ll be broke at the end of your studies, think again!

What you should consider is how much international students earn in the US (it’s quite big!). First, you have to choose the best school, and we suggest UCSC Silicon Valley Extension in California!

Why UCSC Silicon Valley Extension?

Get a professional certificate after just 9 months

UCSC stands for University of California Santa Cruz, which ranks 81 in the national university rankings. Unlike other universities, UCSC is designed for working professionals. As such, you will be receiving a professional certificate after just nine months!

Attend your classes at night

Because it is designed for professionals, UCSC considers its students’ schedule. So expect only night classes while you take up other activities during the day.

Intern anywhere in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is home to the world’s biggest companies. And we mean Apple, Facebook, Google, Adobe, Netflix, Intel and many more! While you study at night, you may even apply for internships in these companies during day time! How cool is it to say that you intern for Facebook?

study in the US
Google headquarters in Silicon Valley | Photo credits to inhabitant.com
Guaranteed work opportunities

UCSC Silicon Valley takes pride in its students’ 100% success placement in their Optional Practical Training (OPT) year. With CIS, students graduating under UCSC’s TESOL program are guaranteed teaching opportunities with EC Higher Education. So what are you waiting for?

So how much do international students earn in the US?

With UCSC Silicon Valley Extension, international students earn a whopping $75,000 a year in their OPT year. Yup, you read that right!  Now, convert that into Philippine peso! Still worried about those bills?

Study in the US now and earn $75,000 a year!

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