Can you think of more reasons to study and work abroad? We can!

There are many beautiful and breathtaking countries you would love to study, work and travel to.

Studying and working abroad is an amazing opportunity to enhance and discover new skills, meet new friends, be in a whole new learning environment and just explore wonderful and magnificent places & countries.

If you are a student planning on traveling, studying and working abroad, we have gathered five of the most popular, beautiful and best countries to study in.


The USA is a beautiful country with 50 states. According to the American Community Survey, the estimated number of Filipinos there is 3.8 million. In 2018, this survey stated that the population of Filipinos in the United States to be over 4 million. The largest Filipino populations in the US can be found in California, Hawaii, and New York. Therefore, Filipinos now represent the largest population of Asian Americans in California. This proves that USA is home to the largest number of Filipinos abroad.


According to the Embassy of the Philippines in Ottawa Canada Website, there are 837,130 people in Canada with Filipinos. The Philippines continues to be the top source of immigrants bringing 188,805 new immigrants to the country.


Filipino-Australians are the fifth-largest subgroup of overseas Filipinos. There are over 304,015 Filipino Australians. Currently, Filipinos are the third largest Asian Australian immigrant group.


There are 72,612 people identifying as being part of the Filipino ethnic group. This makes up 1.5% of New Zealand’s population.


Estimates on the number of Filipinos in Germany are difficult to obtain. The German Embassy estimated that 35,000 Philippine citizens worked in Germany. And the other 30,000 had naturalised as German citizens. Roughly 1,300 Filipinos acquire German citizenship each year.

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