Where to study in New Zealand? We can help you out.

New Zealand has some of the best educational institutions in the world. Whether you seek undergraduate studies or postgraduate schooling, an amazing education can easily be found here.

Counselors for Immigration and International Studies (CIS) is a partner of two excellent schools in New Zealand. Let’s check them out!

Edenz Colleges (Auckland)


Edenz is a private training establishment, which means its programs are on the same level as polytechnics and universities. They aim to provide quality education in an enjoyable environment.

The college offers a range of programs, including general English, teacher training, film and television, and business and computing. All these provide a pathway to university with certificate and diploma courses.

What’s more, recreational facilities, theaters, cafes, and restaurants are a short distance from the school. You have the opportunity to study in a peaceful atmosphere. Life is not limited to the classroom as you can enjoy a variety of exciting outdoor activities.

The best thing? You get to experience life in a modern city like Auckland.

Abacus Institute of Studies (Christchurch & Auckland)


Why choose Abacus Institute of Studies? First, they have modern educational facilities. Second, your life is not limited to the classroom. You will enjoy a variety of exciting outdoor activities. While you work and study in New Zealand, you also get to experience life in a modern, progressive city.

The institute offers popular and diverse programs, such as business, information technology, networking, and English.

Teachers in Abacus aim to provide a friendly environment to help students learn. Thus, the institute offers comfortable and spacious classrooms. They also provide a common room and a fully-equipped pantry area. All these to ensure you get to focus on your education.

Work and study in New Zealand now!

Kiwis warmly welcome international students in New Zealand society. The mindset is that foreign students bring cultural diversity and valuable contributions to the economy.

Clearly, Kiwi citizens are very appreciative of diversity. Different students from all across the globe thus enjoy studying together in New Zealand!

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