If you want to study information technology abroad, Canada is the place to go. After all, IT is one of the fast growing industries in Canada today. So which school to choose? We suggest Fanshawe College!

Gain real world experience

Enter the professional industry with Fanshawe’s excellent Co-Op programs. You can work on the latest apps and tech gears. But more than that, you can already build your network of contacts while still studying. Learn more about Co-Op here.

Learn current market trends 

Fanshawe’s curriculum aims to prepare students for challenges across the region. As such, its curriculum highlights the latest IT trends. Rest assured, you will gain fresh insights into the market while still studying.

Get global accreditation

Fanshawe’s School of Information Technology provides students with hands-on credentials. The school itself is highly accredited so expect global recognition when you graduate. After you study information technology abroad, no one can contend with that diploma.

Accept job offers

Fanshawe offers unique IT programs that are attractive to both international students and businesses. In fact, a number of students get offers halfway through their programs. Are you ready to land yourself a job before even graduating?

Move to a new campus

This year, Fanshawe is bringing its IT programs to Dundas Street in London Downtown. Be prepared to meet small to medium companies around the area. Of course, your contribution to your field would also lead to greater opportunities in the long run.

Tour Fanshawe College's new building in downtown London

Tour the new Fanshawe College building being built on the site of the Kingsmill's department store on Dundas Street in downtown London. http://bit.ly/2f7As2l

Nai-post ni The London Free Press noong Huwebes, Setyembre 7, 2017

Use exceptional facilities

Information technology students stay close to the action through Fanshawe’s simulation labs and cyber security labs. These provide students with tools and hands-on application of practical knowledge. So at the end of your Study Abroad journey, you would be ready to protect your future employers and organizations with your skills.

Study information technology abroad

Overall, Fanshawe’s School of Information Technology will provide you with the necessary arsenal, introduce you to the actual field, and even point you to the right career. Browse available programs here.

Want to study information technology abroad? E-mail your resume to kat@studyabroad.net.ph. To learn more about our Work and Study Abroad program, schedule an orientation here.

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