What are international students in the USA studying these days? With a wide range of available programs, it’s hard to tell! So for your reference, we’ve compiled a list of the top five courses to study in the USA!

Business Administration

The United States’ rapidly growing economy makes it the best place to study business. Students can even choose from a list of specializations: accounting, finance, marketing, entrepreneurship –you  name it!

TESOL (Teaching English as a Second or Other Language)

Where else should one study TESOL but in an English-speaking country itself? The language of commerce and the academe, the English language opens up more chances for employment. No wonder many choose to learn it. So why not choose to teach it?

Computer Science

International students choose computer science because of the overwhelming job placements for graduates in the US. With the country’s advanced technology, it’s no surprise that computer science makes it to the top five courses to study in the USA.


Engineering is another notable field of study among international students. Not only is it a profitable career; it also popular for humanitarian reasons. With the its technological trends, the US is the best place to develop solutions to the world’s problems.


More international students take interest in psychology. This is because mental health has gained a wider platform over the years. As a forerunner in the field of research, the US is the ideal location to study and interpret complex psychological data.

Study in the USA

While it may be difficult to choose a program in a country that offers a variety of courses, these top five courses in the USA are meant to help you decide.

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